Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I personally like the ability to have such easy access to my facebook, email and twitter, as well as being able to text friends during my lunch break at school or work to make plans. Being a full time student, part time worker, and travelling back and forth, it gets difficult to keep up with your friends so this makes it really easy to communicate. It also comes in handy when i have to send the same message to a person or when trying to arrange a group meeting, we can have a group text room on our cell phones and everyone will receive the same message. Or if i need to ask a quick question, i can send a short text message and have my answer within a minute.

Do you have FB Stress Syndrome?

With all the fancy shmancy things you can do on Facebook to connect to the world and update your friends on current activities in your life, there comes a lot of competition and stress.
"Jackie from highschool has 500 friends and i only have 450. I have to catch up to her before she notices."
"I added John Smith about a week ago and he still hasn't accepted my friend request! Maybe I shouldn't have added him."
"Hey Beth, why did you delete me off of facebook? I know we never talk, but we were in the same grade 2 class. Remember?"

After doing a little research on it, I've come to notice that people aren't using facebook as JUST a social networking site to catch up with friends or give them a quick update on their lives. Facebook has become almost like an online highschool community where everyone is competing to have the most comments on a picture, the most likes on a status, or the most friends. Also, another thing that's contributing to the stress is PRIVACY! Because it's online, any one can have access to it, unless you edit your settings. But then the issue of deciding who should have limited access to your profile arises. You definitely don't want your boss to see those pictures of you at the bar last weekend.

If you do have a facebook account, it's great to connect with people but it's intended to be a fun way to interact with old friends, so don't stress over it.

What about Facebook?

With over 500 million active users, Facebook is one of the most trafficked social sites. 50% of those users log onto Facebook everyday and spend over 700 billion minutes on Facebook each month. Some more interesting facts and statistics can be found on the following website: .

Facebook allows you do do many things to communicate to the facebook community such as posting a status and letting your friends know what's new with you, creating a new photo album to show your friends all the cool things you did this past summer, sharing a YouTube link of your new favourite song, posting on your friends wall to let them know about plans for this upcomming weekend and joining groups and liking pages to compare interests with friends. You can connect to your friends quick and easy using Facebook and also with the Facebook app that iPhones and Blackberrys have to offer, facebook is just a click away.

Just wanted to say hello.

Going through an entire day without communicating with others via technology can be very difficult. Without it, i feel almost as if I'm disconnected from the world. Almost like the few hours i didn't have my cell phone handy, I didn't exist.

Having the ability to say a quick hello to a friend and gather the most recent updates in her life, checking all my emails, updating my status on facebook or uploading a new picture, and posting a new tweet all directly from my cell phone within a matter of minutes makes me feel comfortable. Between school and work, it's difficult to maintain a good social life but with my cell phone i feel that it's much easier.

Monday, 28 February 2011

What is it about technology?

Have you ever thought to yourself "thers's no way i could leave the house without my cellphone!" and then one morning you wake up late, scramble to get dressed and you're on the highway half way to school or work and you realize "oh no! i forgot my cell phone!"?  Then, from that point on, you're day just keeps getting worse!?  What I want to know is, what is it about our cell phones that make us feel so lost without it?